Attic requires Python 3.2 or above to work. Even though Python 3 is not the default Python version on most Linux distributions, it is usually available as an optional install.

Other dependencies:

The OpenSSL version bundled with Mac OS X and FreeBSD is most likey too old. Newer versions are available from homebrew on OS X and from FreeBSD ports.

The llfuse python package is also required if you wish to mount an archive as a FUSE filesystem.

Virtualenv can be used to build and install Attic without affecting the system Python or requiring root access.

Installing from PyPI using pip

$ pip3 install Attic

Installing from source tarballs

$ curl -O
$ tar -xvzf Attic-0.16.tar.gz
$ cd Attic-0.16
$ python install

Installing from git

$ git clone
$ cd attic
$ python install

Please note that when installing from git, Cython is required to generate some files that are normally bundled with the release tarball.


Attic is also part of the Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and Slackware distributions of GNU/Linux.

Standalone binaries

Prebuilt standalone binaries that work on most Linux systems can be found here.